Photo courtesy of Casey Bloomfield – Bloomfield Acres

why Nigerians

The Nigerian Dwarf goat is a miniature goat that is enjoying a huge rise in popularity worldwide due to their small size and colourful markings.

They are a thrifty, low-maintenance breed with few requirements in terms of space or special care making them ideal for the home dairy or hobby farmer and their calm, even temperament, engaging personalities and ease of handling make them perfect for young and old alike.

And of course, there’s the milk! Nigerian Dwarf milk is high in butterfat and protein and perfect for making cheese.

Photo credit – Old Mountain Farm, Cheryle Moore Smith & Wyl Smith

What we do

The NDGSA was formed to promote the Nigerian Dwarf Breed to the wider community and to bring together breeders and enthusiasts with the common goal of advancing the breed in Australia.

Breed improvement, eduction, acceptance of the breed as a dairy goat and fellowship will be the central focus of the NDGSA.


The NGSA is committed to the development and improvement of the Nigerian Dwarf Breed in Australia.  

Our aim is to assist breeders in andvancing their breeding programs by providing an environment where they can learn, network and be guided by experienced breeders. 

Photo courtesy of American Jewell Farm


We welcome and include everyone that has an interest in and fallen in love with the
Nigerian Dwarf breed. Pet owners through to breeders and dairy producers are all welcome
and catered for. We are here to educate, share knowledge, expertise and our
enthusiasm with you for the Nigerian Dwarf breed.

Photo courtesy of Nigerian Dwarf Goats of New Zealand


Not everyone wants to be a Breeder of Nigerian Dwarf goats. Some just love their adorable looks and charming personalities and simply having Nigerians around!  

However, owning any animal comes with a responsibility to keep them happy and healthy. The NDGSA provides education and support to the Nigerian Dwarf enthusiast to do just that and an avenue to share their love of the breed with others.

Mother goat with her baby

Photo credit:  Michael & Ulrike Garwood, First Fleet Nigerian Dwarf Goats


It is thought that the Nigerian Dwarf originated in Western Africa from a  goat referred to as the West African Dwarf.  There are reports as early as 1918 of the West African Dwarf goats being transported to the USA where they were held in zoos and then eventually release and crossed with many breeds of small-statured goats. 

In 1981, the American Goat Society recognized the Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat as a breed in its own right. Today the Nigerian Dwarf is the most recently recognized dairy breed in the USA and Australia.

The Nigerian Dwarf breed was introduced to Australia through the entrepreneurship of Michael & Ulrike Garwood of First Fleet Nigerian Dwarf Goats in 2013. They imported 5 frozen embryos which are the foundation of the breed in Australia.