Mary Jordan from American Jewell Farm in the USA is currently on a trip thru parts of Africa and Europe. She has kindly given the NDGSA permission to use her recent Facebook Post and Photos to provide information on the current WAD goats in Tanzania.

We went to a Maasai Village and when I commented to one of the leaders that I also have goats, we sat down inside his thatch-roofed mud & wood home and he asked if I had pictures of my goats. When he saw them, he said, “They are like mine!” Then he saw some udder photos and said, “Ooooh! You have milk goats.” He asked where they were from so I told them they were imported from Africa more than 30 years ago. When I said “Nigerian Dwarf” goats, he nodded his head. He let me hold a couple new babies while he took my photo. Then, on the way out, he asked me to show my goat photos to another tribesman. 😊 🥰 🐐 🌎 Aren’t goats great?”

As part of the trip Mary has already been to Egypt where she found evidence of goats being popular in ancient Egypt.

Mary provided the following photos for us to use on our website. Some of our early members may remember Mary also provided photos for our website to demonstrate conformation of Nigerian Dwarf Goats.