Photo credit – Bohlken Farms Nigerian Dwarfs


  • Co-operate with multi-breed goat organisations and registries to develop and recognise the Nigerian Dwarf goat breed in Australia.
  • Improve the Nigerian Dwarf goat’s acceptance and recognition as a dairy goat in Australia by representation to existing dairy goat organisations.
  • Promote the registration of Nigerian Dwarf goats by members with multi-breed goat registries.
  • Increase Nigerian Dwarf goat breeders and enthusiasts’ knowledge of the Nigerian Dwarf goat breed and husbandry.
  • Promote and encourage responsible breeding and selling of Nigerian Dwarf goats.
  • Promote and facilitate linear appraisal, milk testing and genotyping of Nigerian Dwarf goats.
  • Create and maintain a record of Nigerian Dwarf goats registered with multi-breed goat registries.
  • Compile and publish Nigerian Dwarf goat trait, type and performance information.
  • Encourage closer fellowship among the members through education and participation.

Photo credit – Old Mountain Farm, Cheryle Moore Smith & Wyl Smith


We welcome and include everyone that has an interest in and fallen in love with the
Nigerian Dwarf breed. Pet owners through to breeders and dairy producers are all welcome
and catered for. We are here to educate, share knowledge, expertise and our
enthusiasm with you for the Nigerian Dwarf breed.