Amanda Van Dender
Ferntree Hill
Located in Castella, VIC 3777
0447 075 695

Our Herd: 

We breed Nigerian Dwarf Goats – for Milking & Showing (with the occasional pet available).

Our herd is CAE/JD Test Negative Herd

All our goats are DNA tested

Ferntree Hill is a relatively new dairy goat farm established in 2019. Focusing purely on 100% Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Our major breeding focus is high butterfat milk percentage and correct milk protein genes (namely Alpha s1 Casin Genetics), good volume, well formed and attached udders and stunning correct conformation, and of course cheeky, sweet and cuddly personalities!. 

All our goats are registered with the American Diary Goat Society (ADGA), Dairy Goat Society of Australia (DGSA) and Miniature Goat Breeders Association (MGBA). As well as a member of the NDGSA as we believe in advancing the breed awareness and popularity. 

Ferntree Hill is situated between the Yarra Valley and the Goulburn River Valley in Castella, Victoria. Renowned for our stunning forests and rainforests, its because of this that we are named ‘Ferntree Hill’. 

Sadly a whole lot of our fern trees were burned in the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, with plans to replant in the future, fortunately off the property the bush is recovering incredibly well. 

At this stage our herd consists of four breeding does, First Fleet Lotte, First Fleet Phryne, Ferntree Hill Zoey and Ferntree Hill Kazmiyah. As well as our gorgeous buck First Fleet Monteverdi. I absolutely adore my lil group of sweet, cheeky and mischievous goats. I’m incredibly excited for our 2021 breeding season having goats bred through AI as well as too some gorgeous live bucks.

Along with Ferntree Hill, I also run a growing bath and body business called Suave Soaps, making products (mainly soaps) from the goat milk we produce. I started this business because of my passion for my animals, and so glad I made the change