Photo credit – Elkhorn Goats

NDGSA Membership

The NDGSA is a volunteer-run organisation focused on the recognition, advancement and promotion of the Nigerian Dwarf Breed in Australia and is currently the only organisation with a sole focus on the Nigerian Dwarf breed. An NDGSA membership is valuable for anyone who has an interest in the breed, from pet owners to breeders, and dairy producers alike.

All are welcome and catered for. Our membership consists of many old hands of the goat world who are now dedicated to the Nigerian breed, and to ensuring its success in Australia, by supporting other NDGSA members with invaluable knowledge and experience.

We welcome you to join us and to share the joy of owning and progressing the Nigerian Dwarf Breed in Australia.


We welcome and include everyone that has an interest in and fallen in love with the
Nigerian Dwarf breed. Pet owners through to breeders and dairy producers are all welcome
and catered for. We are here to educate, share knowledge, expertise and our
enthusiasm with you for the Nigerian Dwarf breed.