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Photo credit – Old Mountain Farm, Cheryle Moore Smith & Wyl Smith


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Full Membership

1 Account
$ 20
00 Year
  • Voting rigths
  • Access to members page
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Inclusion in and access to the NDGSA Database
  • Ability to advertise on the NDGSA Herd Reduction page when selling or wanting to buy goats
  • Listing on NDGSA website breeders page
  • Access to Nigerian Dwarf goat trait, type and performance information


Stud or Product Page

1 Account
$ 50
00 Year
  • Dedicated Profile Page with Photos and links to your outside business

Product Promotion Package

1 Account
$ 100
00 Year
  • Have your Nigerian product business included on the NDGSA wesbite with a link back to your business
  • Feature your products on NDGSA Facebook Public & Members pages x 6 times pa
  • Benefit from NDGSA paid Google promotions
  • Benefit from NDGSA paid Facebook promotions of products for sale

Sponsor Promotion Package

1 Account
$ 500
00 Year
  • Acknowledged as a sponsor on the NDGSA website
  • Acknowledged as a sponsor at all NDGSA events
  • Sponsors business banner displayed at NDGSA events acknowledging sponsorship
  • Business logo on the back of Newsletter with sponsor recognition
  • ½ page add in each newsletter
  • Monthly mentions on NDGSA social and member Facebook page as a valued sponsor
  • Ability to advertise sponsors business once each month on social & member Facebook pages
  • NDGSA award of sponsors choice named after sponsor