Milk Testing/Herd Recording

Photo credit – Rocky Ways Farm

Milk production monitoring, assessment and awards

Photo credit – Old Mountain Farm, Cheryle Moore Smith & Wyl Smith

The Nigerian Dwarf is a dairy goat breed. It has been developed to yield plentiful, high quality milk.

To assess and record an individual goat’s production a formal regime (commonly known as ‘Herd Recording”) has been developed whereby the milk given in a 24 hour period is collected, weighed and samples sent off for quality testing (butterfat and protein) . Data from this testing is collated and given a score for both quantity and quality. Goats exceeding predetermined standards can apply for ‘Milk Awards’, which, if granted serve as a permanent record of that goats exceptional milk production.

If the goat’s owner wishes they can carry out these tests 24 hour tests on a regular basis – usually monthly – through the goats lactation. These results are subsequently used to estimate a total lactation yield. Additional awards are available for lactation yields that meet or exceed predetermined benchmark – standard yields for Nigerian Dwarf does kidding at different ages.

Milk awards are published and kept as permanent records for future reference. Examining these milk awards can be a very valuable tool to indicate productivity of a goat (or goat family bloodline) and can give an indication of potential production of offspring.

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