Mojo Nigerian Dwarf Stud

Andrew & Nicky Gordon
Mojo Nigerian Dwarf Stud
South Coast, NSW 

Our Herd: 

Our goats are suitable for breeding, milking, showing or as pets

Whole Herd Tested for CAE and JD Annually (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

All our Nigerians are DNA tested

Mojo is located near Nowra on the NSW South Coast. In mid-2018 we introduced a pure bred Nigerian Dwarf buck into our herd – First Fleet Samson and we now breed Nigerian Dwarf goats exclusively. Samson is the grandson of First Fleet Chloe, the first ever Nigerian Dwarf doe born in Australia and a descendent of the original Nigerian Dwarf goats imported from the USA into Australia. Samson has been bred with our percentage Nigerian Dwarf does and his excellent genetics have refined the traits of our current herd to produce high quality, healthy breeding offspring with fine confirmation and endearing temperaments which have become the foundation of our breeding program. In early 2020, we introduced our first pure bred doe, First Fleet Willow and a second pure bred buck, First Fleet Lysander. In early 2021, we welcomed our first pure bred doe, Mojo Ruby Tuesday, her arrival has been the highlight of our breeding experience. Our Nigerian Dwarf percentages are increasing with each breeding season and we are now breeding third and fourth generations with 87.5 – 93.5% percentages.