Photo credit: Elkhorn Goats

While the NDGSA is the only Society that has been established exclusively to advance and promote the Nigerian Dwarf Breed in Australia there are a number of multibreed organisations that facilitate and promote goat breeding.  The NDGSA is pleased to have established affiliations with these organisations and we thank them for their co-operation and commitment to the Nigerian Dwarf Breed. We encourage our members to support our Affiliates and take advantage of their offerings such as registrations, shows, herd recording and classification. These organisations are listed below along with a brief outline of their individual focuses and aims.

The DGSA was formed in 1935 not only as a Registration Body, but also to provide various ways to share knowledge. We remain the premier Registration Body for Dairy Goats with average registrations of over 6,000 per year. As the largest Registration Body for Dairy Goats in Australia, we are not surprisingly the first port of call for most export enquiries. We continue to foster the sharing of knowledge via local goat clubs, Dairy Goat sections at many Agricultural Shows, via our bi-monthly magazine, the Australian Goat World and our various National and State-based social media platforms.

In addition to these information-sharing platforms, we offer official 24 hour and/or lactation recording for our members as well as standardised Classification of members animals. We have also sponsored and/or facilitated original Research into areas of importance to Australian Dairy Goat breeders. We currently recognise 10 breeds of Dairy Goats including the Nigerian Dwarf breed.

The Australian All Breeds of Miniature Goat and Sheep Society Inc. is an association that operates a registry and caters for the needs of breeders and enthusiasts of miniature goats and sheep.

We are a dedicated and friendly bunch of people who are working together to further develop miniature goat and sheep breeding in Australia and are inclusive of all individual goats and sheep and the individual breeding programs of all stud owners.

ADG Inc is a commercially based organisation with stud registration facilities; it has been established to promote the genetic improvement of all dairy goats within Australia. ADG Inc provides stud registrations for all dairy breeds within Australia, and happily recognises, and accepts all dairy goat registrations from any goat organisation.

We are passionate about promoting and improving dairy goats in Australia, and strongly encourage our members to herd record (305 day lactation records), undertake classification, and most importantly DNA parent verification, as the correct genetic information is the cornerstone of any pedigree and breed improvement in the future using genomics.

We provide training days which include Artificial Insemination, Classification, Herd recording and general husbandry. These are open to both members and non members.

ADG Inc supports the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Society of Australia as DNA (Genomics), Classification and Herd recording forms an integral part in growing our industry for the future.

Miniature Goats Australia Association Inc, (MGA) is a small but unique group of breeders and owners of the original Australian Miniature Goat, Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarf, Mini Boer and we are open to accepting other breeds.

Our ultimate focus is on the purity of each breed long term. Our lovely volunteer registrars are always willing to assist members with our self-managed database.

We are resolute in collating all aspects of the animal’s information so as not to downgrade the quality of generational breeding.

We offer the opportunity to show or display your animals and include some Open shows in our calendar for any breeder, in any group,  Australia wide to participate in. 

We offer assistance and a safe platform to sell your stock and encourage and educate our members to breed ethically and with confidence. 

Information can be found on our website. 

AGB Inc. was founded in 2023 by some  of Australia’s most experienced and dedicated miniature goat breeders.  A co-operative of like-minded stud owners committed to best practice, herd improvement and ultimately breeding to purebred status.   A breed association where serious breeders can register animal pedigrees, show animals, access learning and evaulation programs.  Where we can mentor and support each other, as well as the next generation of breeders.

The Association was started by show exhibitors from across South Eastern Australia.  Shows form a major part of a philosphy of learning and herd improvement.  We plan to expand our shows and events, provide 24 hour milk tests at our two-day shows, annual breed specials, international judges and other training and learning opportunities.  We hope to add shows and events that are accessible for all our Premium Breeder members.