About Us

Photo credit: Dandalee Park Dairy Goats

About the NDGSA

The Nigerian Dwarf Goat Society of Australia Ltd was formed by a group of Nigerian Dwarf goat breeders dedicated to the further advancement of the Nigerian Dwarf in Australia and in particular as a recognised dairy breed.  With the surge in popularity of the Nigerian Dwarf the NDGSA aims to support, educate and encourge Nigerian Dwarf owners at all levels while promoting the breed to the broader community to raise awareness and acceptance.

The NDGSA Code of Ethics

  1. While participating as a member of the NDGSA you agree to conduct yourself in a manner that reflects in a positive manner on the NDGSA.

  2. You agree to practice, encourage and maintain a high standard of breeding, animal welfare and stud management

  3. You agree to ensure you comply with all State and Federal regulations as required, in the keeping and transport of your Nigerian Dwarf animals

  4. You agree to act ethically in your dealings with other NDGSA members and non-members alike by conducting yourself and your business with honesty, integrity and fair dealing

  5. You agree to understand the BREED STANDARD as set down by the NDGSA and commit to breeding in a way that will ultimately meet the standard


We welcome and include everyone that has an interest in and fallen in love with the
Nigerian Dwarf breed. Pet owners through to breeders and dairy producers are all welcome
and catered for. We are here to educate, share knowledge, expertise and our
enthusiasm with you for the Nigerian Dwarf breed.